Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal


Goodbye, unwanted hair….Hello, smooth skin! Laser hair removal is a popular alternative to waxing and shaving. Laser hair removal provides permanent results and is less expensive than maintaining a waxing and shaving routine for a lifetime.

IPL is a procedure that uses broad-spectrum pulse light to target and permanently disable hair follicles. It does so by heating up the melanin that is present in darker hairs, zapping the follicles away. Additionally, there’s no recovery time needed after treatment—Ditch that razor today!


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Quick solution for unwanted hair

One of the least painful hair removal methods

It's precise, allowing the removal of small areas of hair

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Remove hair from any part of your body

Avoid hair regrowth and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin at all times

Long term solution with permanent, lasting results

laser hair removal machine

remove unwanted hair!

Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal is a simple process by a licensed and certified laser technician. Here’s how it works:

A certified technician applies laser light to the area of unwanted hair. The light emitted by the laser target the hair and follicle, destroying the hair at the root to prevent it from growing back.

Hair grows in three different phases; for the laser to be effective, the hair needs to be in the growth phase which is why multiple treatments are required. To capture each hair in the growth phase, you must have several sessions roughly four weeks apart.

If you’re fed up with tweezing, spending money on expensive razor blades, and making waxing appointments, it’s time to consider laser hair removal treatment. The side effects of laser are minimal, and when the area size is small, treatment sessions only take a few minutes.

Laser hair removal is safe, effective, and FDA-approved.

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