Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup


Microshading is done with an electronic device that inserts pigment at a pixel level and results in a powder brow look. This look can also mimic hair-like strokes making it less abrasive to the skin. Results typically last between 1-3 years.


Powder Brows - $400 | Touch-up $150

Powder brows are ideal for clients who wish to improve/change the natural brow shape and prefer a bold brow. Powdered Brows give a makeup look in front as well as the body of the brow.

Ombre Brows - $400 | Touch-up $150

Ombre brows are ideal for clients who want to improve and change their natural brow shape. Clients who like a natural filled-in look will prefer this.

Combo Brows - $400 | Touch-up $150

Combo brows are ideal for clients who prefer a natural filled-in look, they are best for clients with good foundational framework of natural brow hair. Combo brows feature hair-like strokes in the front and shading mid to tail end.

Lip Blushing - $400 | Touch-up $150

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup. It enhances the beauty of the natural lip color while improving the shape of the lip.