Cheek Contouring

Enhance Natural Beauty

Cheek Contouring

900 / Syringe

Well-defined cheekbones are a universal symbol of youth and beauty. As we age and lose volume in the midface, we also lose definition in the cheeks.

Cheekbone contouring with injectables or dermal fillers can add volume and provide contour to give the appearance of high cheekbones without the need for surgery or heavy contouring makeup. Restore your natural contour, free dynamic expression, and refresh your look. Balancing the science and art of aesthetics, this unique injectable hyaluronic acid gel creates natural-looking, subtly rejuvenated cheeks that are reminiscent of your younger self but true to what makes you beautiful today.

900 / Syringe

Benefits of Cheek Contouring

Stimulates new collagen production

Great Anti-aging Treatment

Cost-effective compared to invasive procedures

Can reduce fat & fullness under the chin

No surgery and no downtime required

Superior, safe and durable ingredients

Long-Lasting Results

Facial Contouring

Emphasize Your Beauty

Smooth, Natural Results

Our face is our first impression on the world and ourselves. If your cheeks, jawline, or nose profile aren’t what you want them to be, that daily reminder can be a challenge. Thankfully, there’s a non-surgical way to add shape and definition to our facial features, empowering us to face the day confidently.

Facial contouring works by using specially formulated dermal fillers to provide support under the skin in strategic areas that define our facial structure. These fillers absorb water to soften wrinkles while plumping your cheekbones, jawline, chin, and temple area.

There are many benefits of investing in facial contouring! The dermal fillers we use in facial contouring are versatile and can be used all over the face to achieve your desired goals. With our experienced team and top-of-the-line products, you can experience facial contouring and rejuvenation without expensive and invasive surgeries.

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